How to be the perfect homebuyer in Perth

You’re a homebuyers dream: a beautiful property with the right owner, a private beach, and a beachfront home that sits right in the heart of Perth’s vibrant CBD.

Unfortunately, you don’t need to have a degree in land surveying or real estate management to make your dream a reality. 

But in order to find your ideal home in Perth, you need to know a little bit about the properties in the city, and where you’ll need to live in order for you to get a fair price. 

We’ve put together a handy guide to help you get the right deal.


What are properties?

Property is a term used to describe the property you are interested in, and how it is managed.

The definition varies from property to property, and depending on where you live in the country, property is generally defined as: a single-family house with three or more bedrooms; an apartment with two or more apartments; a three-bedroom home; a detached home; and a small apartment house.


Where are Perth’s properties located?

The Perth metropolitan area is divided into three geographical areas.

These areas are: Western Suburbs, South West Subursts, and North West Suburb.

In Western Suburb, the most populated area, there are about 3,000 properties in that area.

In South West, the other most populated, there’s around 2,000 in the region.

North West has around 1,500 properties in this area.


What is Perth’s land area?

An area is a geographical area where there are multiple people living together.

An area can be defined as the size of a city or town.

An average residential property in Perth is around 2.8 hectares, or 1,922 sq.m.

Perth’s average residential land area is 1,726 sq.metres.

In other words, Perth’s urban areas are smaller than the rural areas of Australia, and it’s the size that matters.

The average Perth property is about 2,944 sq. metres.


What does a residential property consist of?

A residential property is defined as a dwelling unit.

It is made up of three or less bedrooms.

The size of an apartment varies depending on how many bedrooms you have.

An apartment can also include two bedrooms.


What type of property does Perth have?

Perth has a population of about 30,000,000.

This means that there are around 3.5 million residents of Perth, which makes Perth the most populous city in Australia.

The city’s population is spread out over about 2.6 million square kilometres, or about 1.5% of Australia.


How many properties are in Perth?

There are approximately 1.6 billion properties in Australia, of which about 1,543 million are residential.

There are approximately 5.7 million residential properties in Perth.


What do residential properties consist of in Perth The most common types of properties that people purchase in Perth are apartments, homes, and detached homes.

The other types of homes and apartments that people buy include townhouses, detached houses, detached cars, and townhouses.


What’s the difference between townhouses and detached houses?

Townhouses are one- and two-storey detached homes with balconies, and are usually in a residential area.

A detached home is a two- or three-storeys detached home with a small kitchenette, bathroom, and living area. 

A townhouse is a three or four-storeyd detached home, with a kitchenette and bathrooms.


What types of residential properties are available in Perth ?

Perth has about 3.8 million residential units, of a total of 2.9 million residential dwellings.

The vast majority of residential dwellings in Perth (96%) are single-detached dwellings.


How much is the average residential price in Perth for a property?

To find out how much you could save on a residential real estate property, we took the average price of a typical residential property sold in Perth in the month of December and multiplied it by the number of bedrooms on the property.

We then averaged this figure and calculated the average annual price of the property in the next year.

The number of bedroom on a property is based on the number on the detached property, the number in the apartment, and the number found in the townhouse.


How does the average property in WA compare to the average home in Australia?

You might be surprised to find that Perth has one of the highest average price per square metre in Australia!

The average residential home in the Perth metropolitan region is around $2.85 million, which is $1,634 per square foot.

The median house price in the metropolitan region was $1.9m in December 2018, which means that the average house price is around about $1 million

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