How to get your home for sale

New Jersey home buyers should check out real estate listings on a real estate broker’s website, instead of buying directly from a broker, according to an article published by The Huffington, which said that “advisers” on the website did not always report buyers who are seeking to buy a property.

“Advisers are the gatekeepers for home buyers,” said the article, which did not identify the real estate brokers involved.

“They often have a clear idea of what the buyer wants, when the buyer will get a sale and what he will pay.”

The article said that while some brokers reported the realty broker as a source, it was often difficult for homebuyers to verify the accuracy of the information.

“The information may be inaccurate,” it said.

“But it’s always better to ask a realtor or agent to check it out.”

The story noted that brokers who advertise on often provide misleading information about the properties they are marketing.

“If you’re looking for a house with a lot of character, look elsewhere,” it read.

“That’s a big no-no.”

The Huffington piece comes as the Real Estate Board of New Jersey reported last month that sales and rental listings for all types of homes fell sharply in 2016.

It also came as the New York Times reported last week that real estate agents have been forced to close up shop amid a boom in “shadow flipping” — the practice of flipping houses for cash.

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