The estate of Wilkie Warburton has a $4 million valuation

Wilkie and his wife, Barbara, purchased the estate in 1993 for $1.7 million and have been renting it out for years.

The couple recently sold the home to a buyer who also has the property.

“It’s a wonderful property, it’s a very well-kept property, very beautiful property,” Barbara Warburtons said in an interview from their home on Lake George in British Columbia.

“And it’s one of the nicest, most attractive, most beautiful homes we have.”

Barbara Warbury has lived in her home on the property for the past 14 years, and she said she had always known that Wilkie was a philanthropist.

“I thought that he was very generous with his time, his money, his time,” she said.

“So I never doubted that.”

The Warburons were in the process of selling the property to a private buyer when Barbara Warbrowns death in 2009.

The property had been used for weddings and other events by the family.

“The house was always in good condition, it was never used,” Barbara said.

The Warburgtons say that they will be paying a deposit of $1 million and are in the midst of selling a second property on the site, which was also once a house.

“We are going to be buying a second house on the land,” Barbara explained.

“That property is a very large parcel of land, so we’re trying to buy a couple of properties and make them as close as possible to one another.”

 Read more about Wilkie in our 2017 Wilkie section.

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