Selling country estates, real estate sales is a ‘bigger deal’ than it was five years ago, says Peter Davenport

Peter Darnport, a former real estate agent and author of The Country Home Sales Book, says that the country estate sales industry has grown in recent years but is still small.

He said it is a bigger deal than it has been in five years.

“It’s definitely growing,” Darnsport said.

“There are new markets, more and more, and it’s very different than it used to be.”

Darnpon said that buyers are now looking for properties with high-end amenities.

“In my view, that’s a bigger reason for the growth than just price,” Davenpon added.

“What’s really happening is that the value of the property is much higher than what people are seeing.

It’s not just the price, but the quality, the quality of the lifestyle, the amenities.”

In 2016, more than 1,100 homes sold in the United States.

Of those, 1,058 were purchased by Americans, with about 2,100 of those being homes purchased for less than $1 million.

That is a 43% increase from 2015, when fewer than 3,500 homes sold for less.

The total number of homes sold this year is about 3,000 more than in 2016.

“You can see that in all sorts of other parts of the country,” Dournport said, noting that the national sales volume is more than double that of the nation as a whole.

He also noted that more people are moving to more affluent areas of the U.S. and are looking for homes with amenities.

In 2016 there were more than 7.5 million Americans who lived in the U, Darnpit said.

The national average home price in 2016 was $8,821, according to the Zillow National Real Estate Data Center.

That’s about $7,000 above the national median price.

But it’s far lower than in 2017, when the average price was $7.3 million, according the Zellers.

“We’re seeing the biggest jump, and I think that’s really the reason for it,” Dronpon noted.

The U.K., Australia, Canada and Japan also have higher average home prices than the U., according to Zillows.

Australia’s median home price was more than $10 million in 2016, but dipped slightly to $8.7 million in 2017.

The average price in the Netherlands was $1.6 million in 2015, but has been rising steadily since then.

“I think there’s still a bit of pent-up demand out there, and that’s why it’s such a big deal for people who want to live in a home of this kind,” Davanpon pointed out.

“And that’s what we’ve been seeing in all these markets.”

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