Which of Hawaii’s real estate stocks is most attractive?

The real estate market in Hawaii has become one of the hottest topics of interest this year.

The state is the top source of property investment in the US, with sales in 2016 being more than four times the national average.

Real estate investors in Hawaii, who are the largest in the state, are also the largest owners of property in the country.

Hawaii realtors are now offering property for sale at a premium, which is likely to have a big impact on the value of the homes that are sold.

The number of homes sold in Hawaii this year is more than five times the average, according to a report from the real estate brokerage firm Zillow.

The real estate industry is seeing a surge in activity as the economy rebounds.

Real estate is a major source of investment in Hawaii and is an asset class that is heavily concentrated in the southern states.

The market has experienced a surge of activity, according the report.

There are currently more than 4.8 million units of property under construction in Hawaii.

As of March 15, there were 4,000 active projects under construction across the state.

That’s up from 3,000 projects in 2015.

For those looking to buy a property in Hawaii right now, Zillows report says that the median price for a home is $6.4 million.

This is the highest price per square foot in the nation.

In the state of Washington, the median home price is $2.2 million.