How to Buy a Kentucky Real Estate Worth $1.4 Million in Kentucky

The fourth estate in Kentucky has been selling for well over $1 million in a few weeks, but the real estate investment bank is selling the property to help pay down the debt of a company that the family is buying out.

The estate has a valuation of $1,541,711, according to the Real Estate Investment Trust of Kentucky, and it’s owned by the family of Kenneth Wolffer, the former president of the Kentucky Association of Realtors.

The Wolffers have purchased a home in the town of Lexington, Kentucky, for $1 in 2016.

That’s just over half the $1 a million it’s worth in 2017.

The house has been renovated and now has a lake front deck and two swimming pools.

The Wolfers also own two other homes in the Lexington area.

The Real Estate Transfer Service is selling this property for a $1 for each year the Wolffe family is in control of the estate, or $1 per year in the future.

The estate is worth about $1 billion in 2017, according the Real Property Transfer Service.

The family’s previous home was in the nearby town of Ashland.

The previous owner, an individual named Michael Ewing, bought the property in 1998 and sold it in 2006.

The property was listed for sale in September 2016 for $750,000.

It’s now listed at $1 and up.

The real estate transfer service is not accepting offers.

The family has also agreed to pay the $2,500 per year mortgage on the property.

The property will be listed for $500,000 in the next auction.

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