What to expect when the world’s tallest skyscraper opens in Dubai

A Dubai skyscraper will soon be the tallest building in the world, thanks to a construction company.

Dubai-based Kite Capital said it plans to build a 787-foot tower that will be able to reach 632 floors.

The project is set to take 18 months to complete.

It’s also the world record for the tallest skyscrapers in one city, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa.

The previous record was set by the Burj Dubai skyscraper at 623 feet.

Dubay Construction is building the skyscraper, called the Burmese Grand, on a 3.8-acre site near Dubai’s central business district.

It will be the world debut of the company’s new $9 billion Burmecar tower, which will include more than 1,000 apartments.

Dubays BurmECar tower will include a parking garage and underground parking for 1,300 vehicles.

It is the world tallest skyscape at 767 feet and will be constructed at a cost of $6.5 billion.