FourFour Two: Five things we learned about the Australian housing market from this week

FourFourThree has teamed up with FourFourOne to provide a weekly guide to the market for properties in Australia.

We’ve put together a list of what we found in each of the four weeks of our latest home buying guide.

We’ll be sharing our picks throughout the week and the next edition of FourFour will be available on Friday the 13th.

We also have a list here of the best properties we found this week, with some recommendations for buyers.

Read more:’s latest home price tracker FourFourFourThree is a daily podcast from FourFour, covering the hottest Australian real estate markets and the best deals in the country.

In our podcast you’ll hear about all the latest house price news and market trends, plus find out what you can expect to find in your next sale.

Join the conversation about the latest home prices and market news by sharing your story or finding out more about what you need to know before you make a decision.

Find out more on FourFourToday.comThe latest home market data is updated daily on the FourFourTen homepage.

Find our latest podcast The Australian Real Estate Podcast is a weekly podcast featuring exclusive content from the and properties.

The podcast is created by Matt Johnson, and produced by Paul and Nick Huddleston.

It is produced and hosted by Paul HuddLeston and Matt Johnson.

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