How to buy a ‘trendy’ house in Boston with a ‘shopping list’

For the uninitiated, Boston is a city of homes, which means the number of listings on Craigslist, and are just as high as they are in New York.

As a result, Boston houses are usually pretty cheap.

And the people who live in them are often well-off.

As the home values in Boston continue to rise, a new trend is popping up.

Here’s how to buy in Boston, with a “shoppinglist” of sorts:1.

Take a tour of Boston2.

Go through the city3.

Find the perfect place to rent4.

Learn about the history of the city5.

Find a place to eat6.

Go for a hike7.

Find out what to do at the zoo8.

Go to a museum9.

Go camping10.

Find great local food11.

Find fun places to shop12.

Go shopping with your kids13.

Go on a walk14.

Explore a new city15.

Meet a cool new person16.

Make friends with a local musician17.

Have some fun with a friend18.

Find some new art19.

Visit a local museum20.

Find an art museum21.

Get a tattoo22.

Make a new friendship23.

Explore an art exhibition24.

Take an art class25.

Meet someone who loves the outdoors26.

Go skiing27.

Go bike riding28.

Go kayaking29.

Go cross country skiing30.

Go biking, swimming, or just sit on the couch and read a book31.

Go skateboarding32.

Learn how to play a game33.

Watch a movie34.

Play a game35.

Go hiking36.

Visit an amusement park37.

Go golfing38.

Visit the zoo39.

Take some yoga classes40.

Get some massage treatment41.

Get in shape for the summer42.

Take one of those “hiking and biking to work” walks43.

Take your first hiking trip44.

Get out on the town45.

Take part in some bike riding46.

Go in-person for a bike shop tour47.

Take in a performance48.

Go mountain biking49.

Go walking on the beach50.

Learn some new dancing moves51.

Take the kids for a ride52.

Go ice skating53.

Go canoeing54.

Go snowshoeing55.

Go swimming56.

Go a bike ride57.

Take on a challenge58.

Do some triathlons59.

Go fishing60.

Go bowling61.

Go riding a bike62.

Go yoga with friends63.

Go horseback riding64.

Go fly-fishing65.

Go sailing66.

Go zip line riding67.

Go scuba diving68.

Go rock climbing69.

Go cycling70.

Go diving 71.

Go surfing on a paddle board72.

Go bird watching73.

Go archery74.

Go running75.

Go triathlon76.

Go dancing with friends77.

Go jogging78.

Go bungee jumping79.

Go windsurfing80.

Go water skiing81.

Go bicycle touring82.

Go climbing a mountain83.

Go rowing a canoe84.

Go ziplining85.

Go obstacle course racing86.

Go tubing 87.

Go jumping rope88.

Go kiteboarding89.

Go rollerblading90.

Go handstands91.

Go sit-up walking92.

Go weight lifting93.

Go swim with friends94.

Go backpacking95.

Go downhill skiing96.

Go ski jumping97.

Go cyclocross 98.

Go beach volleyball 99.

Go paddleboarding100.

Go ultramarathon 101.

Go road cycling 102.

Go bocce ball 103.

Go slalom racing104.

Go hill sprinting105.

Go track cycling106.

Go mudboarding107.

Go indoor soccer108.

Go freestyle mountain biking109.

Go ultimate frisbee110.

Go figure skating111.

Go discus 112.

Go basketball in a dome113.

Go snooker in a cage114.

Go volleyball in a glass cage115.

Go curling in a plastic box116.

Go sand volleyball117.

Go tennis in a bowl118.

Go soccer in a hoop119.

Go softball in a bubble bath120.

Go table tennis in the kitchen121.

Go hockey in a swimming pool122.

Go squash in a puddle123.

Go judo in a water park124.

Go badminton in a pond125.

Go gymnastics in a pool126.

Go wheelchair tennis in an artificial lake127.

Go lacrosse in a field128.

Go women’s volleyball in an indoor arena129.

Go rugby in a football field130.

Go football in a stadium131.

Go viking in a cave132.

Go boxing in a ring133.

Go wrestling in a gym 134.

Go men’s soccer in an outdoor arena135.

Go muay thai in a boxing ring136.

Go taekwondo in a sand volleyball arena137. Go

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