How to find a Texas real estate agent

Real estate agent searches for potential buyers.

Now, search engine results and real estate news are sharing similar results.

“I’m just getting started.

We’re not getting as many people in here, so I think we’re going to have to keep doing this.

We have a lot of new people that are coming into our space,” says John Rizzo, real estate broker at the Citi Group.

It’s a growing business.

In 2015, the median age of agents in Texas was 41.

By 2020, it’s expected to be around 43.

“We’re seeing a lot more older people and people that have been in real estate for a while, and I think that’s going to help us out a lot,” Rizzos says.

It has been a boon to the real estate industry, which is struggling to find qualified agents.

According to a recent survey by Texas A&M University, the number of agents is up 23% in the last five years, with some brokers even getting offers from companies like LinkedIn.

In a recent study, agents found that people over 55 years old made up nearly one-quarter of all agents.

In Texas, the average age of a real estate professional is 42.

But that number is growing.

In 2017, Texas A & M reported the median agent age in the state was 43.

The average age is increasing at a slower rate than the overall population, which fell by 1% from 2015 to 2016, the study found.

“That’s a very positive sign, because we’re seeing that there’s more people who are willing to get in,” Razzo says.

And that could mean more agents on the market.

“There are more people looking at real estate agents and more people are interested in getting in,” says Rizzoes father, John Rizos.

“As more people come into our industry, more opportunities are open to us.”

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