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Posted December 07, 2018 06:33:10Australia’s biggest real estate firms are offering a range of properties, from mansions to luxury apartments, with a variety of properties to choose from.

Key points:Rescuers rescued more than 80 people from a Sydney mansion and three-bedroom property in DecemberAfter a major search and rescue operation, authorities have rescued more people from Sydney mansion, three-bedroom propertyThe search has been called “the biggest ever” in the regionA search team from the NSW Police and Rescue Service (NSRSS) and the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) were involved in the rescue operationThe search team was searching for a group of six people who were trapped in a three-storey, $500,000 mansion in the suburb of Goulburn on December 12.

Rescue crews from NSW Police, Rescue and Search were called to the property at around 11.45pm on December 14.

Three people were found trapped inside the home, which was in a state of disrepair.

“There was a lot of damage and debris from the house,” said Inspector Matt Jones from NSWRSS.

“We did find a body inside the property, and we were able to safely transport that to the scene and take it away to the crime scene, and to get the forensic examination done.”

The search operation was called “Operation Goulberg” by NSW police.

“This was the largest search operation ever conducted in NSW,” Inspector Jones said.

“It was a really busy time.”

The operation involved the rescue of more than 800 people and involved around 400 officers from around NSW.

It was the biggest search operation in the state since a series of earthquakes in the 1980s, when thousands of people were trapped on the NSW coast.

“That’s when we started to look into these properties, because we know that if we have a house there, we know the damage can happen,” Inspector Matt said.

He said the search operation took two days to complete.

“The initial search involved our rescue team, our search and recovery team, and the police,” Inspector Nick Jones said, adding that “we also had other officers that went out to the area”.

“We were really looking at houses that had no previous owners or properties that were in need of repair or restoration,” he said.

Investigations into the properties and the people trapped at the time were conducted by the ATSB, and were overseen by NSW Police.

“A large number of the people we rescued were from properties in the inner-north, which means that we were searching from the north-west to the north,” Inspector James Clark said.

Police said the property owners had not been charged.

“At this stage we don’t believe there is any risk to the public or the property in question,” Inspector Clark said, referring to the properties that have been searched.

“I know the people that were rescued are in good spirits and want to come back to work, and are very grateful for the efforts of the NSW RSPS and NSW Rescue Team.”

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