How to make sure you have the best estate sale in India

By: Akshay Kumar | 11th November, 2017, 02:11:34am|Posted by: kathir hari |Tags sales mns,mns sales,mnt,sale source Google Blogs (India | Published: November 11, 2017)The land prices in the rural and suburban areas of the country are falling, with a number of land deals being sold for a reasonable price, especially in the past few years.

However, there is a caveat to the market: you must be prepared to pay more than you are selling.

Here are some tips on how to ensure you can sell your land for a good price.

If you sell land in rural areas, it’s important to have a plan for the estate sale.

The sale price should be as low as possible and it should be your responsibility to cover all expenses such as hiring an agent, arranging for a real estate agent, buying land from the farmer and getting a mortgage.

For those with little to no land in the countryside, it might be a good idea to consider purchasing some land from a neighbouring farmer and selling it to a local farmer.

It is also important to make a land purchase with a real name, a address and proof of residence.

You might have to pay a fee for this as well.

For suburban buyers, you need to look at how the sale will be conducted and whether the land is suitable for the home.

For instance, a property that is too big for a family home is likely to be sold.

In urban areas, if you have more than 1 acre, it is usually not a good move to buy a property with too much land.

If you can’t find a suitable home in the area, consider purchasing land from neighbouring farmers and renting it out.

This article originally appeared in India Today, the official portal of India’s largest newspaper chain.

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