Why the city of Austin is selling its properties for less than what it’s worth

Austin, Texas (Engadget) — The city of Texas is selling a handful of properties at auction that are being offered for less, in an attempt to improve affordability in the area.In recent years, Austin has been one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, thanks to a revitalization that has led to a strong economy […]

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When is real estate not real estate?

Real estate sales and real estate flyer is not real.The online auction site lets you browse through real estate properties in real estate listings, but the property listings don’t have the real estate listed.Instead, the auction house lets you select the “properties” that you want to buy or sell.You can search through realtor.com for listings, […]

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Which of these real estate brokers is best?

A new study from the real estate brokerage firm Zillow found that Hawaii real estate was the second most valuable in the country, ahead of Florida and California.Real estate brokers are also the top earners in many states.Zillower looked at all the properties listed for sale in Hawaii from January to October 2016.Realtor.com tracked each […]

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How to sell a $50,000 house in less than five days

How to Sell a $100,000 home in less, less than three weeks?That’s exactly what I did.I sold a $60,000 condo, which is $25,000 more than I paid for it in cash.In the process, I bought a new, one-bedroom apartment for $12,500.How to Sell A $50k Condo in Less Than Three Weeks (Photo Credit: YouTube/Troye)I was […]

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What’s wrong with the Trump brand?

A lot of things, but one of them is the name. It’s not really Donald Trump’s fault, of course, because he was always a good businessperson.But, even if you don’t like the name, the brand has become something of a joke for its association with Trump’s past.The term Trump’s “business empire” comes from a real estate […]

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