How to invest $1.5M in your next property sale

The first big ticket purchase of the season is now behind us, but not without a hefty price tag.

We’ve all had the feeling that we’re just a few months away from buying a home, but it’s never easy to make that move.

That’s exactly what you need to do if you’re planning to buy a home in the next 12 months, according to Real Estate Investor’s guide.

So here are a few things to know about your next home sale.

You need to get your eyes on a property with a strong sales history.

You can get a sense of what your potential buyer might be willing to pay for the property with an online search or by speaking with an agent.

You should also be prepared to spend money upfront, so you won’t have to worry about the price you’ll have to pay once you sell the property.

To help you get an idea of what you’re getting into, here are the best real estate properties in the country to buy:1.

The Boca Raton Estate in Boca, Florida2.

The $100M Palm Beach mansion in Palm Beach, Florida3.

The 1.7M-square-foot mansion in Pompano Beach, FLThe Boca estate is currently selling for $100 million.

It was sold by former Trump International Golf Course president Stephen Wynn to a group of wealthy investors.

The estate has a history of high sales prices, so the price tag isn’t unusual.

The mansion has a $100,000 asking price and will be listed on the Sotheby’s website.

The house is currently available for $10,000 down.

The Palm Beach house has a lot of historical significance.

It’s the first property of the family that owns the Trump Organization to go up for sale.

The property is located in the Palm Beach Gardens area and sits on 1.75 acres of land.

It is owned by Wynn’s children, Donald Jr. and Eric.

This mansion has been listed for over 10 years and is currently up for bidding.

The sale has gone through a number of rounds of bidding.

It has gone up to $75 million, and is expected to be listed by the end of June.

The Palm Beach home is now available for sale for $8 million.

The Pompani mansion has sold for $1 million in the past, but was put up for auction after a bidding war.

It recently went for $400 million and is available for purchase.

It features a 4,600-square foot home that will be sold for around $750,000.

It is located just across the street from the White House and is one of the more popular properties on the list.

The home is currently for sale at $1,200,000, which would be a very impressive price for a property of this size.

The 1.5-acre property in Palm Beaches, Florida, has a nice reputation for its property prices.

The current asking price is $1 per square foot.

The Bancroft Mansion, located in West Palm Beach in Palm Bay, Florida is currently listed for $2 million.

The 4,700-square feet home is located on 7.2 acres and features a pool, two-car garage, an indoor tennis court, a swimming pool, a private dining room, an outdoor deck, and a private courtyard.

This property has been on the market for nearly a decade and was sold in October of 2016.

The mansion was purchased in the early 2000s for $500,000 and sold in 2014 for $3.4 million.

It was purchased by Trump Jr. in 2007 for $200,00.

It sits on a 2.8-acre lot in the area and is a prime example of the property’s location.

The 6,600 square feet home was previously owned by the family and is located at 8.5 acres.

The 2.7-acre home in Ponte Vedra, Florida has sold several times in the last decade.

The 5,700 square feet property sits on 4.8 acres and is owned and operated by the Trump family.

The property is a favorite of locals and vacationers.

The Ponte Vena home has sold twice in the previous decade and is listed for approximately $1 billion.

The estate is located about an hour north of downtown Miami and has a beach house and beach volleyball courts.

The 4,200-square meter property in Ponce de Leon, Florida was purchased from the family of former President Bill Clinton for $9 million.

This is the most expensive home on the listing.

The 2,500-square meters property is currently on the auction block.

The 3,200 square feet estate in Palm Harbor, Florida sits on just over 3 acres.

The 7,000-square metre property is listed as one of “the most sought-after homes on the block” with a “record” price of $6 million.

A 2.5 acre home on

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