How to buy a flamingo mansion in Chicago, Illinois

The flamingo is an ornamental animal that has been a symbol of New York City for over a century.

The New York Times reports that the flamingo has long been a popular attraction in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood.

“A flamingo was originally owned by a wealthy German immigrant family who lived on the same block as the family of a famous Chicagoan,” the Times writes.

Flame-loving people have always been attracted to the flamingos, and the city has even featured them on a map, a citywide project launched by Mayor Rahm Emanuel in the 1990s to promote tourism.

A flamingos owner and his family have reportedly been living in a mansion in the city’s Hyde neighborhood for a decade.

In recent years, the family, who call themselves the Fiery Knights, have amassed a large fortune, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The Times reports the family’s fortune has grown from $25 million to $150 million since the mid-2000s.

One of the Firing Knights is listed as the co-owner of a “mansion” in the Chicago area that’s currently under renovation.

The property is valued at $300 million, and its future is unclear, the paper reports.

Chicago has been in a housing crisis, with high-end luxury apartments under construction in the Windy City.

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