Phoenix: Property sales for years, with an estate sale coming this year

Phoenix – Estate sales for four years have been reported in Arizona and New Mexico, and in the Phoenix metropolitan area, according to the Real Estate Board of Greater Phoenix.

The four-year estate sales period ends Sept. 30, 2018.

That means the Phoenix and Las Vegas metro areas have been selling homes in anticipation of the 2018 property tax increase, said Real Estate Boards of Greater New Mexico and Phoenix.

In New Mexico there have been some house sales and a condo sale, and a number of new listings in the city of Albuquerque have also been made public, said John Speranza, Real Estate Council of Albuquerque President.

“We’re in the process of getting some information from our office and building out a timeline for those events to happen, but the timing of the events has not been announced yet,” Speranzas said.

The sales and sales listings were made available on Real Estate Real Estate Market, which is a website where people can post their own home sales and buy prices.

The listings on the site will be updated once the information is made public.

The New Mexico state office of real estate, which oversees the state’s tax laws, said it has received about 10,000 sales reports, with the median sale price for each listing coming in at $1.5 million.

The average price for a home sale in the metro area is $1,890,945, according the website.

Speranza said the average price of a home in Phoenix is about $1 million.

The average sale price in New Mexico is about half that amount, he said.

A few home sales have been made in the Las Vegas area, and several more in Phoenix.

In 2017, the Phoenix area had 5,000 home sales, and the Las Cruces area had 3,700.

Sparanza said some of the home sales are in Las Vegas.

In the Las Veges area, where the median price of homes was $1-1.4 million, there were 6,000 homes sold, with a median price in Las Crucs of $1m, according a Real report.

The home sales report also shows a slight uptick in the price of some properties in Phoenix, and more sales were reported in the town of Scottsdale, Ariz.

Last year, the city had 8,500 sales, according Real Estaterealms.

Real Estate real estate brokers said there is a large influx of people moving to Phoenix to find work in the construction industry and for other reasons.

In addition to Phoenix, other metro areas reported sales in 2018, including Scottsville, Ariza, Las Vegas, Las Olas, Las Mesa, and Tempe, Ariv.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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