How to be a good property trainer

The world of real estate training is filled with jargon and confusion.

So we spoke to a real estate trainer, who said he had to be “a little more precise” to ensure he understood the different roles in the industry.

What he got right and wrong: What you need to know about property trainers, in six easy steps.


The real estate industry is all about people, not money.

“You don’t want to work for someone who doesn’t care about the money,” said Ben Taylor, a realtor and property adviser who is based in London.

“They are looking for people who are very intelligent, who are going to spend time working with people who can make money.”

He also said that the key to success in the real estate field is that people want to learn how to deal with the different types of clients.

“I have clients who want to get a property, but I also have clients that are just trying to do the right thing for their family,” he said.

“These are the people that I want to help.”

Taylor also stressed that it was vital to ensure the trainer understands that clients have to be upfront with the business.

“When a client asks you to take a look at a property you will get the best result if you make sure they are upfront,” he explained.

“If they don’t know how to approach the business and the business is not transparent then you won’t get the results you want.”

You need to get in the habit of asking clients to be honest with you.

“The biggest mistake you can make is trying to be too objective and trying to put it all on yourself,” he added.


There are many different types and sizes of property trainers.

In the real world, there are three main types of property training: property trainers who offer a combination of online and face-to-face instruction, property trainers that can be on-site and can provide hands-on instruction, and property trainers working for private landlords.

“For people who want a little more training you can go to a broker and they’ll be more specific, but for people that want a better deal you can always go online,” Taylor said.

He explained that it is important to have a range of different training types, so that your client can decide which is right for them.

“One of the things that I have seen is that it takes time to get the clients to trust the trainer,” he stressed.

“A lot of people go on the internet and they get it for free, but they then don’t have the confidence in the trainer to really give them the confidence and knowledge.”

“So you need a real relationship with the client,” he concluded.


You must be willing to go out and get a bit of work.

“Most people who come to me don’t care that much about the business,” said Taylor.

4. “

Sometimes you will need a bit more training and you’ll have to work a bit harder, but you need the experience of being in a position of trust.”


Your job is to give them value for money.

There is a wide range of training and sales roles that can help you sell their home, but Taylor emphasised the importance of having the right knowledge.

“In terms of sales I am a realist,” he told us.

“There are a lot of different types, and you have to have the right understanding of each type of property, because if you don’t then the sales process will not work.”

5. “

Once you get a client’s trust you will have them buying a property and then you can build a relationship with them.”


Don’t just talk about the property.

“My advice to clients is always to talk about it,” he emphasised.

You can’t just be there to provide advice.” “

That’s it.

You can’t just be there to provide advice.”

“You need to be the person who is selling it, you need no further explanation than that.”


Don of course talk about your experience and your experience of what you have been through.

“Don’t just tell them how to do it,” Taylor stressed.

You should be honest and put the client in the right mindset, he added, by showing them how it works.

“Then they need an understanding of what the process is.” And then”

Ask the client if they have ever had any problems with a property before they decide whether or not they want to buy the property,” he advised.

“Then they need an understanding of what the process is.” And then

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