Why the real estate industry has a new scam to cover up fraud

The real estate sector is in a state of flux.The real estate market is now in a crisis, and a new industry has sprung up.It’s called “legacy real estate” (LRH).Its an industry created to cover the sale of an old home, and then the owner sells it.LRH agents take a portion of the sale price, […]

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Florida man charged with beating girlfriend’s puppy

A Florida man was charged with animal cruelty after allegedly beating his girlfriend’s dog in a bid to keep it alive.The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said it responded to a call from a woman in Tampa around 10 p.m. on Sunday about a pit bull that had been left alone with a man who lived […]

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When you can’t afford to live in Utah, you can move to Utah!

With a growing number of people flocking to Utah to work in the tech sector, it seems inevitable that people would start to look at the state as a real estate investment opportunity.But there are a lot of people who are afraid of what could happen when Utah residents try to live there.In fact, if […]

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What is real estate brokerage and how to start it?

With the launch of Real Estate Institute (REI) this week, real estate brokers will be able to access the data, which can help them better understand their clients and offer them better advice.The Real Estate Association (REA) has long been one of the most active lobbying groups in Washington, D.C., and its members have been […]

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Kauai realtors sell 2,700 homes to raise cash

In what could be the biggest sale in the world of real estate this week, more than 2,000 Kauai residents and their families are bidding for a second house to live in after the city was hit by a devastating winter storm.The owners, who are not disclosing the names of their prospective buyers, have made […]

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