Why the West Virginia real estate market is in an overshoot

By Brian P. WilliamsPosted May 05, 2018 09:11:13While the real estate industry in the West is enjoying record highs in recent years, the industry in many other parts of the country is under a bit of a bubble.In West Virginia, the price of a home is up about 6% year-over-year.The average price in the state […]

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How to find a real estate agent for your home

The term “real estate agent” is used loosely to describe any person or company who deals with real estate and has some experience in selling homes.A lot of the time, the word is used as a noun meaning “someone who deals in real estate”.If you need help finding an agent, you may want to consider […]

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How to make sure you have the best estate sale in India

By: Akshay Kumar | 11th November, 2017, 02:11:34am|Posted by: kathir hari |Tags sales mns,mns sales,mnt,sale source Google Blogs (India | Published: November 11, 2017)The land prices in the rural and suburban areas of the country are falling, with a number of land deals being sold for a reasonable price, especially in the past few years.However, […]

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Why are we seeing this? Real estate agents, brokers, and home buyers should be on alert

Real estate sales and prices have soared this year, with the average price of a home now above $1 million.That’s up from the $1.1 million average price in August 2016.But if you’re one of the lucky ones who got a mortgage from a bank, you may be wondering why your mortgage was so cheap.And that’s […]

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Zillow’s Real Estate Market Report 2016: How Much Will It Cost?

Zillows Real Estate is the online marketplace for real estate investment, sales and property management.It offers real estate prices, information about the types of properties and services you can purchase, and offers a wide range of services, from real estate brokers to property management services.Here’s how ZillOW estimates the market will look like in the […]

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Why it’s so easy to lose money with real estate sales phx

PHX — As sales surge across the country, real estate buyers are losing money on every transaction.And that’s even before you factor in taxes, appraisal fees and other expenses.“It’s the same as the mortgage market,” said Scott Ehrhardt, a real estate broker with Keller Williams.“If you have an equity market in your home, you are […]

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