When you can’t afford to live in Utah, you can move to Utah!

With a growing number of people flocking to Utah to work in the tech sector, it seems inevitable that people would start to look at the state as a real estate investment opportunity.But there are a lot of people who are afraid of what could happen when Utah residents try to live there.In fact, if […]

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Five years of a real estate sale company that helped to wreck the British housing market

FourFourOneFourFourFive years ago, the first mortgage-backed securities of the global property market collapsed, and a year later, the property market in Britain was plunged into chaos.Since then, property values have risen and fallen across the country, and it is a common refrain among those on the receiving end of the crash: that Britain has never […]

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New federal estate taxes could make it more difficult to sell your home

The federal estate and gift tax has always been controversial, but a proposal to tax homes at the rate of $5.25 million per year by 2036 would make it harder to sell a home at a time when prices are already skyrocketing.The proposed estate tax is part of the proposed tax overhaul that would be […]

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What to know about the $4.7 billion real estate development deal that’s under way in Berkshire

Posted March 15, 2019 04:03:18When the developer of the Berksshire real estate project announced it would close its doors after the second quarter of 2019, it brought to light an ugly truth that many people are not aware of: There’s no real estate boom in Berkeshire, just a handful of new properties that are expected […]

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