How to Save a $500K Estate Sale

The biggest risk when you sell your home or buy it outright is losing it.And with the mortgage interest rate coming down and foreclosures starting to slow, you’ll be looking for ways to save.Here are a few things you can do to reduce your mortgage payments.Read More for your home.If you’re buying, you may want […]

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Realty sales for November 2016: Perry Estate sales hit record high

Posted November 24, 2016 10:16:08Releasing a record number of new homes in November, Perry Real Estate announced a new record for the month, bringing its total sale in the calendar year to $3.6 billion. Perry was also the fastest seller of homes for the year with a $1.2 billion gain in November. The property-selling powerhouse is still […]

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What do the Trump administration’s budget proposals have to do with the New York Times

The White House budget proposals released Thursday would increase spending on social services by nearly $1.5 billion.That’s about $500 million more than the $500 billion in proposed cuts that the Trump White House is proposing.The proposals are part of a larger effort to trim spending in the Department of Health and Human Services and other […]

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Which Utah real estate company is the best in town?

In Utah, real estate is more than a commodity.The state’s economy relies on the state’s housing supply, which includes more than half of the country’s total housing stock, and the housing market is heavily dependent on the housing sector.Utah has a median household income of $53,400 and the median home price is $86,300.According to the […]

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